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Your Library Summer Reading Program

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Join us at Your Public Library for a summer of reading and activities for all ages! 

Summer Reading Materials

Summer Reading Program materials

Summer Reading Challenges

Library Scavenger Hunt

Complete a library scavenger hunt and earn an entry into our summer prize drawing!

A new hunt begins each week.

Reading Tracking Minutes or Books

Read 50 minutes or 50 books

Don’t slide this summer! You have 50 days from the last day of school to the first day of school – can you read 50 minutes a day? A whole book a day? Download a tracking form and join the 50 minutes/50 books challenge!

Summer Explorer

How many places have you explored in Hammond? Download or pick up our Summer Explorer list and take a selfie at each place. One entry into our prize drawing for every selfie you show library staff!

Summer Adventures at a Glance

Week One of Summer Adventures, June 4-6

Week One

June 4
9:00 am: Mystery Book
10:00 am: Mazes
11:00 am: Lines/Abstract

June 5
9:00 am: Author Exploration: Peter Reynolds
10:00 am: Circles & Planets
11:00 am: Dots/Abstract

June 6
9:00 am: Author Exploration: David Macaulay
10:00 am: Squares, Buildings & Catapults
11:00 am: Picasso/Abstract

Week two of Summer Adventures, June 11-13

Week Two

June 11
9:00 am: Plant & Gardening Stories
10:00 am: Colors
11:00 am: Flowers/Plants Drawing

June 12
9:00 am: Butterfly Stories
10:00 am: Symmetry
11:00 am: Caterpillar & Butterfly Crafts

June 13
9:00 am: Author Exploration: Shel Silverstein
10:00 am: Leaf Identification
11:00 am: Tree & Seasons Craft


Week three of summer adventures, June 18-20

Week Three

June 18
9:00 am: Mexican/Hispanic Folklore
10:00 am: Mayan Ruins
11:00 am: Frida Kahlo & Others

June 19
9:00 am: African Folklore
10:00 am: DIY Djembe Drum
11:00 am: African Animal Art

June 20
9:00 am: Asian Folklore
10:00 am: Professor Chang Meemann/Paleontology 11:00 am: Asian Craft


Week Four of Summer Adventures, June 25-27

Week Four

June 25
9:00 am: Pattern Stories
10:00 am: Triangles
11:00 am: Explore with watercolors

June 26
9:00 am: Foody Stories
10:00 am: Food Science
11:00 am: Garden Craft

June 27
9:00 am: Dogs vs Cats Books
10:00 am: Caring for a Pet
11:00 am: Pet Craft

Week five of Summer Adventures, July 2-4

Week Five

July 2
9:00 am: Yeti Stories
10:00 am: Cold Weather Animals
11:00 am: Yarn Yeti

July 3
9:00 am: Brr Stories
10:00 am: Snow
11:00 am: Winter Sleds/Elves

July 4
Happy 4th of July!

Week Six of Summer Adventures, July 9-11

Week Six

July 9
9:00 am: Gnome Stories
10:00 am: Sight
11:00 am: Gnome Art

July 10
9:00 am: Fairy Stories
10:00 am: Flight
11:00 am: Clay Fairy Houses

July 11
9:00 am: Unicorn Stories
10:00 am: Animals with Horns
11:00 am: Unicorn Multi-media


Week Seven of Summer Adventures, July 16-18

Week Seven

July 16
9:00 am: Bunny & Chick Stories
10:00 am: Life Cycle of Chickens & Butterflies
11:00 am: Bunny/Chick Craft

July 17
9:00 am: Red, White, and Blue Stories
10:00 am: History of the Flag
11:00 am: Red, White and Blue Craft

July 18
9:00 am: Harvest Stories
10:00 am: Sink & Float
11:00 am: Harvest/Pumpkin Craft

Week Eight of Summer Adventures, July 23-25

Week Eight

July 23
9:00 am: Bird Stories
10:00 am: Birds & Airplanes
11:00 am: Bird Craft

July 24
9:00 am: Dolphin Stories
10:00 am: Animal Sizes
11:00 am: Ocean Sand Art

July 25
9:00 am: Eric Carle Books
10:00 am: Insect vs. Spiders
11:00 am: Insect Craft


Week Nine of Summer Adventures, July 30-August 1

Week Nine

July 30
9:00 am: Band Stories
10:00 am: Sound
11:00 am: Music

July 31
9:00 am: About Me
10:00 am: Moving Our Bodies
11:00 am: Movement Through Art

August 1
9:00 am: Stretching/Mindful Books
10:00 am: Measurements – How Far
11:00 am: Watercolor Art

Summer Reading Events

May 1-31

Visit the library and sign up for your summer adventure!

  • Check out and explore the library
  • Get a library card
  • Ask about Hoopla and Libby, Vox Books, Power Pens, and Book Suggestions from our staff

4th of July

Library Closed, No Programs

The library will be closed on July 4th.  Please note, no programs on July 4th.

August 1 - End of Summer Reading Ice Cream Social

1:00 PM 

This is it! Turn in your summer reading records and celebrate with an old-fashioned ice cream social.

Play games and enjoy an ice cream sundae or root beer float.